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Like many Americans last week, I greeted the news of David Letterman's retirement in 2015 with regretful acceptance. I love him with a love deep and true, but the man is pushing 70, white sneakers for men and at least we could look forward to another year of his fine, cantankerous self.

But now I cannot wait for him to go. From the moment it was announced Thursday that Stephen Colbert would be taking over "Late Show," I was ready men giuseppe zanotti shoes to box up Letterman's stuff and move it myself.

Because I have to know: Will Colbert change the nature of late night or will the bravest comedian on television just sell out?

No doubt the answer will fall somewhere in the middle, though it is difficult to imagine Colbert occupying any shade close to gray.

His Comedy Central show "The Colbert Report" is, after all, a straight-faced men zanotti sneakers and deeply pointed send-up of the narcissism of talk shows, with all their thinly veiled ratings courtship and personal-brand worship. Playing a self-satisfied conservative pundit that seemed loosely based on Bill O'Reilly, Colbert is the sharpest, most overtly political popular comedian working today.

A true satirist in a world full of snark-flingers, he has an unapologetic preference for conservative targets but is willing to skewer anyone. giuseppe high top shoes Alone among his liberal brethren, he regularly talks up God while taking down organized religion including his own very public Catholicism.

The 49-year-old host teases celebrities and public figures way out of their comfort zone, and engages intellectuals in absurd conversations designed to expose the general ignorance of the American public. He and his writing team are so clever, so sophisticated in their humor that it literally took years for many viewers white giuseppe zanotti shoes to understand that the self-aggrandizing, often self-contradicting conservative posturing was, you know, a joke.

Obviously, Colbert owes much to Letterman, who made sardonic de rigueur and eventually settled into the role of late-night's cranky truth-teller in contrast to Leno's part as sweet and affable uncle. And just as clear, CBS wants to continue, and indeed, sharpen that difference, giuseppe white corc especially as Leno's replacement, Jimmy Fallon, is taking his guy-next-door charm to new heights on "The Tonight Show."

But to have the Stephen Colbert we have come to know show up as the host of "Late Show" would be a bit like watching a spear-wielding scuba diver show up at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Indeed, minutes after the news broke on Thursday, Colbert made it clear that he will not be hosting his new CBS show as mens white sneakers the man the world has come to know as Stephen Colbert.

So who will be showing up at 11:30 on some as yet unspecified night in 2015?